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Streamlining Publications
Development with Real-
Time Co-Authoring

A leading drug company leveraged co-authoring technology to simplify and expedite the manuscript development process.


A team within a multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical company wanted to rethink the publication development process. Primary goals included:

  1. Finalize a manuscript as quickly as possible
  2. Improve the overall experience for authors and keep them engaged throughout
  3. Establish a repeatable process for future publications


The pharmaceutical company used Within3’s document co-authoring platform, which provides a single, central document where any number of authors can add contributions and see each other’s input in real-time, from any device, whenever it is convenient for them. Authors stayed engaged through built-in tools like a daily digest email alerting them to new comments and responses, and the ability for the medical writer to remind authors who needed to contribute or respond to a query.

The company kicked off the manuscript development process with a ten-day session to provide five authors the opportunity to create the first-draft outline. The next phase was a three-week draft review session, during which authors had the opportunity to contribute to the first draft of the manuscript. The authors were able to view related resources, read the article, make comments or queries, and respond to questions. The third and final session focused on the second draft of the article and was available to the authors during a two-week review session for further refinement and final adjudication of any issues.


With the flexibility of the over-time discussion platform and document co-authoring capability, the pharmaceutical company completely transformed its manuscript development process. The company realized several valuable benefits by using the document co-authoring platform:

  1. Reduced the timeframe needed to create publication by several months
  2. Created higher quality publication due to enhanced collaboration
  3. Improved author satisfaction
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